Brava! Reader

Brava! Reader 7.4

Opens locally stored CSF files as well as several other formats
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View the content of various files including PDF, CSF, JPG, TIFF, XPS, etc. The tool includes several other features such as magnifying, rotating, or measuring the files as well as printing, changing the colors or creating thumbnails for the files you're opening.

Brava! Reader is a powerful viewer developed by Informative Graphics Corporation and it’s used for browsing, editing and printing photos. It has a nice GUI and an easy-to-use menu that allows the users to make the most of this piece of software.

The viewer comes with basic CAD functions like measuring angles, distances, polylines and circles. What makes this piece of software different from other similar applications is the ease it provides in using common tools. One of the key features is the zoom tool that it provides, as it allows the users to zoom in and out of a picture without decreasing the quality of the photo. Also the magnifier tool is proven to be useful when one wishes to magnify just one area of the picture.

The publish button of the tool will open another window, where the users can choose between saving the picture as JPG (a well-known picture format supported by most of the viewers) or "Publish to CSF"; the second option will open another window where the users can set the details of the picture that is about to be printed.

All in all, you should give Brava! Reader a try; it is a free and complete viewer for photos, as it allows the users to make changes upon the printing output, and contains basic CAD functions.

Dave Hattey
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